Luxury and Good Hygiene

There are many shops out there which seem to offer people good comfort and luxury. They have aesthetically pleasing furnishings. Their decor is tasteful. There are comfortable places to sit. And the merchandise is of high quality. But finding a place which offers true luxury requires you to go beyond what is merely skin deep. There are other, better ways to find out where to go.

One of the things that you can do is check the bathroom or restroom of the establishment. That’s one way to really tell the difference between what places offer true luxury and which ones are merely superficial. So if a particular shop has taken steps to ensure that its bathrooms are clean and nearly spotless, then that is a place that truly deserves your business. It’s possible that the business turns to professionals such as West Auckland pest control service firms. Or they may carry out the cleaning in house. But what is important is the attention to detail.

A Few Pointers for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I know this is a little off-topic today, but after spending two hours talking my son out of sinking all his hard earned savings into a terrible business idea, I feel the need to write this post. It’s a little warning for anyone who ever plans to start a business of their own…

Always verify your idea before you start committing your resources!

There is absolutely no point putting all your time and money into an idea that nobody and wants and is doomed to fail in the cold, hard, unforgiving free market.

This is where an online focus group can prove to be extremely helpful. They let you verify the idea from the comfort of your own home or office, before you go throwing a lot of money into marketing or product development.

Ultimate Luxury: Get Away For The Weekend

Have you worked hard at your job for a while and feel that you’ve earned a treat for yourself? Or do you just feel like getting away from the kids for a few nights? Get out of the house and go stay in a motel for the weekend and enjoy some luxury. We like to stay in our favourite Wellington motel Bella Vista, because when we’re there we can relax like we haven’t relaxed in months. 

You can have a bubble bath in the spa bath in your bathroom with the water jets massaging your sore back. You can try to use up all the hot water in the shower and go back to bed and sleep in until lunch time. You can order room service and have a glass of wine while you watch movies on Facebook. This is much better than staying at home and having to vacuum the floor and wash the dishes and take out the trash. Treat yourself to a weekend in luxury, a weekend at Bella Vista.

Finding the Best Meat Cuts in New Zealand

The hunt for the perfect steak or roast chicken can be a tough one. We’re all about luxury here, and that extends to the kitchen as well. We believe in having only the best served up on the dinner table – but it helps to know where to source the best ingredients in order to deliver that perfect meal.

This nice little tucked away Kumeu butcher is where I source some of my best meat cuts and they never fail to impress guests. Sure it’s a little out of the way of the main Auckland hustle, but it’s well worth the car ride. I’ve been to many butcher shops around the North Island and this one is still my favourite source for the most succulent pork I’ve ever sunk my teeth into. Check it out and feel free to email me for some recipes!

Tips for Online Reputation Management

I know some of our readers are in the spotlight on a regular basis, so I wanted to provide some tips here for preserving your good name online. In this digital age, it can be very hard to stop ‘bad press’ from coming to light. Most of us aren’t even aware when bad things are being said about us out on the blogosphere, so it’s important to keep an eye on your online reputation and be prepared to do damage control when necessary.

A good online marketing company like Premium SEO NZ can help you out with this kind of thing. Their role is to ensure the visibility of any negative mentions of you and your brand remains low, and that anyone searching for information related to your name or your company will be met with positive results. It’s easy for competitors to smear your name these days without you even being aware of it, so if you’re in a position of prominence it’s well worth it to pay professionals to maintain your online image.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Organising a wedding can be a mammoth task. There are so many little details that need to be taken care of, and some things can be more difficult than others. Should the wedding be inside, or outside? Check the Woman’s Weekly for some backyard wedding ideas!

Choosing the cake is easy, you just pick the yummiest. A similar principle applies to picking a spouse (though most people do that before choosing the cake). But how to choose your wedding flowers?

Christchurch Wedding Flower Experts

Perhaps a better question would be, how to choose a florist? A quality florist will not only help you choose and arrange the perfect flowers for your special day but will listen to and interpret your ideas of exactly what you are looking for. Wedding flower experts can be an indispensable asset. Get the perfect wedding flowers for your wedding and enjoy your special day. And don’t forget to check out our favourite Auckland cake shop for your wedding cake!


Opulent Wedding Photography

Recently I undertook a little study of some of the most opulent wedding photographers in New Zealand.  In particular I was interested in wedding photography in Auckland, but I have been researching and sampling the work of photographers from all over.

wedding photography in Auckland

What many people don’t understand is that wedding photography is an art. If you want a good job done, you need to find a true professional with talent and years of experience. If you let your cousin who took a photography course once handle it, the photos are probably going to come out sub-par. That’s not a risk you want to take with your big day.

Waiheke Wedding Photography is one of the most stunning examples I found of excellent shots. I highly recommend taking a look at the website if you have any thoughts of getting married in this beautiful setting. The girl is extremely talented and has won multiple awards for her work.

Luxury Flooring Tips Around the Home

Welcome to Eminence Luxury – your guide to luxurious living. Today’s post is going to cover flooring solutions for premium homes.

One of my favourite recommendations for architects and interior designers I consult with at the moment is polished concrete. It’s simple, elegant, and deliver a much more pleasing effect to the eye than carpet or tile. You’d be surprised at how flexible this flooring finish can be in terms of the visual effects you can achieve.

polished concrete

Of course, if you already have carpet installed you won’t want to go and pull it all up and hire a concrete grinding company just to create a nice polished look. Carpet can still be extremely luxurious, but the more you’re willing to invest in your carpet the more you should be willing to pay to maintain it. We recommend Local’s Choice who are widely respected as being the best carpet cleaning service in Christchurch.